The Sainte Genevieve Art Guild offers an annual $500 scholarship to an eligible graduating senior from either Ste. Genevieve High School, Valle High School or home schooled seniors.   The applicant must declare art as their minor or major area of study (new requirement as of 2015).   The award check is payable to the graduate's school and forwarded to the college or art school of choice.  

The 2016 Scholarship was awarded to Ashley Bess of Ste. Genevieve High School.  

Portfolio Guidelines:
Due Date:     
Number of artworks:   Minimum ten (10); Maximum fifteen (15)
Preparation of artworks:      Artwork on canvas/board need not be framed.  Artworks on paper must be matted or mounted on poster board or mat board (to protect artwork - not necessary to have mounted by a professional).  Three-dimensional work must be individually labeled and packed for transportation.  Dirty, scuffed or poorly presented work will not be considered (neatness of portfolio is a consideration). 
Letter of Recommendation:   From Art Instructor or Art Teacher
Statement:   Write a short statement that includes the following:  college you plan to attend, course of study you will pursue and why, and artistic area of interest. 
Portfolio Label:  The portfolio label must include your name, address, phone number, high school, and art teacher's name. 



The fifth annual St. Genevieve County High School Awards were awarded on April 8th at the exhibit at the Ste. Genevieve Welcome Center.  The Best of Show winner will received $75, and the first place winner in each of four categories received $25 each.  The categories are Color, Black and White, and 3-Dimensional.   The rules for entry and deadline are the same as the portfolio guidelines above. 

The winners of the Ste. Genevieve County High School Art Show for 2016 are:

Best of Show

Kamrie Gettinger              (SGHS)                       

Beginning Color

1. Joe Ahne                        (SGHS)  
2. Sami Richardson          (SGHS)  
3. Emma Nickelson          (SGHS)  
HM Kayla Krigbaum        (SGHS)  

Advanced Color

1. Amy Huck                      (SGHS)
2. Emily Roth                    (VHS)  
3. Sean Oberle                   (SGHS)  
HM Madison Drury         (SGHS)
HM Kaitlyn Abt                (SGHS)

Black and White Mediums

1. Stephanie Graham       (SGHS)  
2. Emily Roth                     (VHS)  
3. Sean Oberle                  (SGHS)  
HM Heidi Lipp                 (SGHS)
HM Hannah Buescher    (SGHS) 

3-Dimensional Art

1. Emma Basler               (SGHS)  
2. Kayla Brown                (SGHS)  
3. Amy Huck                    (SGHS)  
HM Natalie Engle          
HM Hanna Giesler         (SGHS)
HM Craig Taylor             (SGHS)
HM Ashley Bess              (SGHS)